APOC (Awesome Procedures on Cypher) is an add-on library for Neo4j that provides hundreds of procedures and functions. A path traversal vulnerability found in the apoc.export.* procedures of apoc plugins in Neo4j Graph database. The issue allows a malicious actor to potentially break out of the expected directory. The vulnerability is such that files could only be created but not overwritten. For the vulnerability to be exploited, an attacker would need access to execute an arbitrary query, either by having access to an authenticated Neo4j client, or a Cypher injection vulnerability in an application. The minimum versions containing patch for this vulnerability are and and 5.3.1. As a workaround, you can control the allowlist of the procedures that can be used in your system, and/or turn off local file access by setting apoc.export.file.enabled=false.

CvssV3 impact

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CvssV2 impact

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