Information disclosure vulnerability exists in Pgpool-II 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 (4.4 series), 4.3.0 to 4.3.4 (4.3 series), 4.2.0 to 4.2.11 (4.2 series), 4.1.0 to 4.1.14 (4.1 series), 4.0.0 to 4.0.21 (4.0 series), All versions of 3.7 series, All versions of 3.6 series, All versions of 3.5 series, All versions of 3.4 series, and All versions of 3.3 series. A specific database user's authentication information may be obtained by another database user. As a result, the information stored in the database may be altered and/or database may be suspended by a remote attacker who successfully logged in the product with the obtained credentials.

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